Private Labelling

Your products branded your way.

By offering our distributors our private labelling service, you as a distributor can keep your own unique branding on your products.

This gives you control over products, pricing, profitability, marketing and branding, allowing you to increase customer loyalty as customers can identify your products easily and choose them for their quality and consistency.

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Ready for your business to stand out?

Your order is one of a kind, and we want to make sure it reflects your business and its values. Let’s get started:

  • Build upon your strong reputation with products that bear your branding
  • Ensure product differentiation
  • Develop higher margins
  • Create a profitable business

The advantages of private labelling?

A private label is a product being sold under the name of the distributor, instead of under the name of the manufacturer. This approach to sales is very profitable for distributors as it provides a series of benefits.

Increase brand recognition

Private labelling means that your customers can associate your products with your brand name. This helps to create a loyalty bond between your brand and its customers.

Control of branding

Private label products bear your brand name and label design. We work closely with you when developing your unique private label design so that you always maintain control over your branding.

Standout against competition

Private labelling creates clear product differentiation​. This means that with high quality products and your branding on the label, you can be certain that your business will standout against competition.

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