Manufacturing high quality products for all aspects of the cleaning industry 

A reliable and seamless service experience.

What do we do at Roschem?

We manufacture high quality off the shelf and bespoke cleaning products, working in partnership with our distributors across a multitude of industry sectors to find the right solution, if we don’t have it already, we’ll formulate it. We strive to make working with us easy to bring results that can drive business forward.

Let's work together.

Become one of our distributors for a seamless service experience and reliable high quality products customised to your business needs.

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Stand out with Private Labelling.

Customise all of your products with your brand's labels using our private labelling service so that your products stand out to your customers.

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Solutions for all cleaning needs.

We manufacture products for all corners of the industry, including: Vehicle, Catering, Washroom, Hand Care, Household and Industrial.

High quality manufacturing.

With Roschem, our products are manufactured by our highly skilled team to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and comply with all EU regulations. All batches are tested, numbered and stored for up to six years to ensure products reach our customers in premium condition.

Product categories

Make an impression on your customers with Private Labelling.

As a distributor the advantages of private labelling are numerous:

  • Reinforce customer recognition and decrease product competition
  • Control your own products, pricing, profitability, marketing and branding.
  • Increase brand loyalty so that customers can identify your products easily and choose them for their quality and consistency.

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